Saturday, April 3, 2010

Built the Breadboard Voltage Regulator

The Breadboard Voltage Regulator is assembled. Everything went fine up until the breadboard pins had to be mounted. The instructions mention that this is a bit more difficult, and it was–especially when one is highly cafinated. My solution was to use the alligator clip on my "third-hand" to hold each clip in place long enough to solder one pin; then the second pin was no problem.


  1. One trick is to put the pins in and then just set the board down on the pins. This is what I will usually do when soldering small boards, sometimes those helping hands are not so helpful :D

    Another (more dangerous) trick is to actually plug the pins into a socketboard or chip socket then set the board down on the pins and solder them. Too much heat could damage your plastic sockets though.

  2. I read about the option to set the board down on the pins in the instruction manual, but my highly-caffeinated hands were not steady enough to pull it off. ;-)